Welcome to Art of Bronze, where the magic of the aquatic world of dolphins, sea turtles, herons, frogs, whales, etc. comes to life in exquisite bronze sculptures.

Dive into our incredible selection featuring a mesmerizing array of indoor freshwater, marine, and aquatic statues that will captivate your senses and transform any space into a haven of natural wonders.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of our leaping dolphins, the grace of our swimming whales, and the enchantment of our peacefully resting herons. Feel the whimsy of our jumping frogs and the allure of our captivating mermaids. Our professional artists have meticulously crafted each piece, capturing the essence of these aquatic creatures in a variety of dynamic and lifelike poses.

Our sculptures are hand cast using the meticulous ‘lost wax’ process, ensuring intricate detailing and unparalleled quality.

We invite you to explore our world of aquatic wonders and bring the enchantment of the sea into your life.