Art of Bronze is pleased to offer an incredible selection of indoor eagle and Audubon bird statues.  We have over 200 different species of bald eagles, golden eagles, seagulls, pelicans, herons, ravens and more.  Our professional artists have captured many wonderful poses for you to enjoy.  We have attacking eagles, peacefully resting herons, playful ravens, beautifully colored peacocks and many more.  Many of the bird statues have copper tubing installed so that they can be used in fountains and spray water.

Art of Bronze offers an extensive product line of varying sizes desktop figurines to monumental sculptures for public Veteran Memorials, shopping centers, city parks and schools.  All our bird sculptures are hand cast using the ‘lost wax’ process which allows for capturing intricate detailing and high quality.  Our team members have over 35 years casting and creating custom statues.  We can customize or modify any bronze eagle or Audubon statue to meet your specific needs.