The Magic of Bronze: Children’s Statues That Capture the Imagination

Art of Bronze is pleased to offer an incredible selection of outdoor bronze children statues and sculptures.  We have over 300 different styles of boys and girls enjoying the great outdoors in such activities as playing sports, practicing musical instruments, reading books, and viewing nature.  We have varying sizes from garden figurines to monumental sculptures for public places.  Many of the bronze children statues have copper tubing installed so that they can be used in fountains and spray water. Every child, teen or adult statue is cast using the ‘lost wax’ process method, an ancient art dating back thousands of years, which allows for capturing intricate detailing.  Additionally, every childrens bronze sculptures have a unique and one-of-a-kind hand-finished patina color.

Enduring Bronze Children Statues and Sculptures for Public Places

Art of Bronze team members have over 35 years casting and creating custom statues.  Not only can we customize or modify our bronze childrens statues to meet your specific needs, we have decades of experience working with art in public places agencies. Please visit our monuments and installations selection to view statues we started from concept, to sculpting, molding, casting and installation.  Our bronze children statues and sculpture are made to endure the outdoor elements and last forever in public.  Many of the children and adult statues you see are on public display at shopping centers, schools, libraries and city parks.  We strive to make our children sculptures family friendly for all to engage with and appreciate.