Welcome to Art of Bronze, where the rugged spirit of the Old West is meticulously captured in our exquisite bronze sculptures.  Step into a world where cowboys and Indians, buffalo, bears, wolves, deer, and horses roam freely, immortalized in the timeless medium of bronze.

Immerse yourself in our captivating selection, where iconic figures from the American frontier come to life. From the fierce warriors of Native American tribes to the legendary figures like Buffalo Bill and Wyatt Earp, our life-size bronze busts pay homage to the great heroes of the Wild West. We’ve meticulously re-created masterworks inspired by the brilliance of artists like Frederic Remington, Carl Kauba, A. Phimister Proctor, James Earle Frasier, and Charles Russell.

Whether you’re drawn to the untamed spirit of the buffalo, the majesty of wild horses, or the fierce gaze of a bear, our western art collection offers a diverse range of sculptures that embody the spirit of the American West. Each piece tells a story, capturing the essence of a fading era and preserving the rich history of the frontier.

At Art of Bronze, we take immense pride in representing the heritage of the American West through our Native American, wildlife bronze sculptures, and western artworks. Many of our sculptures are limited edition works of art, available for purchase at wholesale pricing.

Join us in preserving the fading history of the American West through our art. Let our bronze sculptures adorn your surroundings, reminding you daily of the raw beauty, untamed spirit, and enduring legacy of the frontier.