Buffalo Hunt

Item #AW0145

Size: 31in W. x 21in H.

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  • Buffalo Hunt bronze sculpture of Native American Indian on horse charging two bison.
  • Buffalo Hunt bronze sculpture of Native American Indian on horse charging two bison.
  • Buffalo Hunt bronze sculpture of Native American Indian on horse charging two bison.
  • Buffalo Hunt bronze sculpture of Native American Indian on horse charging two bison.

Art of Bronze

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Immerse yourself in the spirit of the American West with Art of Bronze’s latest masterpiece: a dynamic bronze sculpture capturing a mighty warrior in pursuit of two charging buffalo. With every detail meticulously crafted, this thrilling statue portrays the intensity of the chase.

The warrior leans forward, bow poised for action, while the horse’s muscles ripple with exertion, embodying the raw energy and determination of the hunt. This captivating sculpture serves as a powerful tribute to both the artistry of the Western genre and the rich heritage of Native American life on the plains.

Whether displayed in your home, office, or gallery, this bronze statue is sure to ignite a passion for Western art and evoke a sense of awe and admiration. Add a touch of the wild frontier to your space with this extraordinary piece from Art of Bronze.

We hope you enjoy browsing our wide-ranging selection of over 500 different indoor sculptures.  Each bronze sculpture is cast in the ‘lost wax’ method to capture excellent texture and detail throughout the entire sculpture.  Every sculpture is hand finished in a one-of-a-kind patina coloring.  Because of the process of heating up bronze and applying chemicals, no two patinas are exactly the same.  Additionally, our team of professionals can create brass plaques and attach custom-fitted black or green marble bases to each sculpture.

SCULPTURES BALANCE SPACE- bronze statues are suitable for both interior and outdoor spaces.  The difference being larger size sculptures are usually more suitable for outdoor open spaces.  Make your home come alive with the many different styles and designs offered throughout our website.  Sculpture placement can beautiful areas such as the living room, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Defining the size of each sculpture for each space can be a personal point of view.

WE CREATE CUSTOM STATUES- Art of Bronze is comprised of artisans, craftsmen and dedicated professionals that specialize in custom commissions that can create any concept or idea you have into bronze.  We are very proud of our 40+ years of expertise working with developers, city agencies, shopping centers, art in public places and school administrations.   Please review our Custom Projects & Customer Installations to see just some of the wonderful projects the Art of Bronze family has done since starting in the family garage in 1978.

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  • Patina / Coloring

    Art of Bronze is known for its exclusive and beautiful patinas. We specialize in creating traditional patinas of brown, burgundy, green (verde) or a brown & verde green combination. We are also experts in creating exotic colors. Let the Art of Bronze enhance the wonderful quality and detail of your new sculpture with our world-class patinas. No two patinas are exactly a like which will make your sculpture a unique treasure.

  • Maintenance

    Bronze lasts forever and will never rust, warp or contort. It is an alloy (a mixture of metals) and will oxidize over the years. This process will not hurt the statue. In fact, it can enhance the beauty by turning the statue many wonderful shades of greens, blues, whites and yellows. For the client that wants to maintain the original patina/coloring of their newly acquired work of art, Art of Bronze has several secrets. Every statue and placement will have different requirements and it is best to discuss your needs with Art of Bronze.

  • Installation

    Art of Bronze specializes in creating monuments for city and state governments, corporations and developers throughout the country. We are very proud of our 30 years of expertise. No matter the size of your sculpture, you can be assured we will help guide you through the installation to permanently secure your statue. Every sculpture whether private or public will have different requirements. Call Art of Bronze today and we will discuss your needs with you.