Colin (Living in Australia)

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Size: 24in W. x 46.5in H. x 31in L.

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  • Western Lowland lost wax high quality bronze cast outdoor standing gorilla statue

Art of Bronze

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Art of Bronze proudly facilitated the journey of ‘Colin,’ a magnificent bronze gorilla sculpture, to his new home in Melbourne, Australia. This impressive piece now stands as a commanding presence, overlooking the backyard with a powerful and majestic aura.

Colin, having swiftly adapted to his new surroundings, has become a symbol of strength and conservation. His proud and contemplative posture resonates with the passion of his new owner, who is dedicated to the preservation of endangered animals worldwide.

The dedicated efforts of team Art of Bronze ensured Colin’s safe voyage, covering half the globe in just 12 days. As an emblem of wildlife protection and artistic excellence, Colin not only enriches the landscape but also serves as a testament to the global appreciation for the majestic beauty of endangered species. Welcome home, Colin, to a place where art, admiration, and advocacy seamlessly converge.

This robust & powerful gorilla has exceptionally sculpted detailing and anatomy which makes him come to life.   He is standing on all fours as if ready to protect his family.  The gorilla statue is stocky with a broad chest and shoulders.  The head is relatively large with a broad skull and a very noticeable brow ridge.  This an incredible and large gorilla sculpture.

The western lowland gorilla is the subspecies of the western gorilla with the largest number of individuals, the most popular and usually the one found in parks and zoos.  They are native to Cameroon, Angola, Congo and Equatorial Guinea.  They inhabit lowland tropical forests where the environment is humid, rainy and full of vegetation.

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No matter the size of your sculpture, you can be assured we will help guide you through the installation to permanently secure your statue. Every sculpture, whether private or public, will have different requirements.  Safety and security are both important issues when owning a bronze sculpture.  To properly address any concerns and these issues, call Art of Bronze today and speak to an expert.   Art of Bronze can professionally weld stainless steel mounting brackets to the bottom of your sculpture to allow permanent installation.

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  • Patina / Coloring

    Art of Bronze is known for its exclusive and beautiful patinas. We specialize in creating traditional patinas of brown, burgundy, green (verde) or a brown & verde green combination. We are also experts in creating exotic colors. Let the Art of Bronze enhance the wonderful quality and detail of your new sculpture with our world-class patinas. No two patinas are exactly a like which will make your sculpture a unique treasure.

  • Maintenance

    Bronze lasts forever and will never rust, warp or contort. It is an alloy (a mixture of metals) and will oxidize over the years. This process will not hurt the statue. In fact, it can enhance the beauty by turning the statue many wonderful shades of greens, blues, whites and yellows. For the client that wants to maintain the original patina/coloring of their newly acquired work of art, Art of Bronze has several secrets. Every statue and placement will have different requirements and it is best to discuss your needs with Art of Bronze.

  • Installation

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