End of the Trail (14″ H.)

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Size: 5.5in W. x 14in H. x 12in L.

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  • The End of the Trail bronze sculpture after James Earle Fraser featuring Indian on horse
  • The End of the Trail bronze sculpture after James Earle Fraser featuring Indian on horse
  • The End of the Trail bronze sculpture after James Earle Fraser featuring Indian on horse
  • The End of the Trail bronze sculpture after James Earle Fraser featuring Indian on horse

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Art of Bronze is proud to offer “The End of the Trail” (14” H.) bronze sculpture after James Earle Fraser.  This scaled down statue vividly portrays a weary Native American man, draped in the remnants of a blanket, clutching a spear. Limp and fatigued, he is accompanied by his exhausted horse with swollen eyes.  The wind tousles the horse’s tail, indicating they face away from the relentless elements.

Originating in 1894, Fraser created several versions until his two-and-a-half-times life-size model of the statue in plaster. This large plaster version of the work was displayed on an eight-foot pedestal at the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco and was awarded the gold medal, garnering national attention.  The statue embodied the suffering and exhaustion of people driven from their native lands and pushed off the continent into the Pacific Ocean.

The central figure is inspired by Seneca Chief John Big Tree, while the horse finds its origin in another Fraser creation, In the Wind. As a powerful commentary, End of the Trail encapsulates the profound impact of Euro-American settlement on Native Americans, embodying their suffering and exhaustion as they are displaced from their ancestral lands2.

Fraser’s deep connection to Native American culture significantly influenced the sculpture’s creation. Today, the 1915 version resides in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum.

James Earle Fraser was an American sculptor and teacher, born on November 4, 1876, in Winona, Minnesota, and passing away on October 11, 1953, in Westport, Connecticut. Fraser is best known for his public monuments, designing the buffalo head nickel and embodying themes deeply rooted in American history.

Each bronze sculpture is cast in the ‘lost wax’ method and hand finished to capture excellent texture and detail throughout the entire sculpture.  Custom fit marble bases are attached to each sculpture.  A bronze plaque with etched lettering featuring the title of the sculpture and Fraser’s name is available to attach to the front or backside of the marble base.

Art of Bronze is comprised of artisans, craftsmen and dedicated professionals that will guide you through the maintenance and delivery of your new sculpture.  Art of Bronze is not an overnight online operation.  We specialize in custom commissions and can create any concept or idea you have into bronze.  We have decades of experience working with developers, city agencies, shopping centers, art in public places and school administrations.

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  • Patina / Coloring

    Art of Bronze is known for its exclusive and beautiful patinas. We specialize in creating traditional patinas of brown, burgundy, green (verde) or a brown & verde green combination. We are also experts in creating exotic colors. Let the Art of Bronze enhance the wonderful quality and detail of your new sculpture with our world-class patinas. No two patinas are exactly a like which will make your sculpture a unique treasure.

  • Maintenance

    Bronze lasts forever and will never rust, warp or contort. It is an alloy (a mixture of metals) and will oxidize over the years. This process will not hurt the statue. In fact, it can enhance the beauty by turning the statue many wonderful shades of greens, blues, whites and yellows. For the client that wants to maintain the original patina/coloring of their newly acquired work of art, Art of Bronze has several secrets. Every statue and placement will have different requirements and it is best to discuss your needs with Art of Bronze.

  • Installation

    Art of Bronze specializes in creating monuments for city and state governments, corporations and developers throughout the country. We are very proud of our 30 years of expertise. No matter the size of your sculpture, you can be assured we will help guide you through the installation to permanently secure your statue. Every sculpture whether private or public will have different requirements. Call Art of Bronze today and we will discuss your needs with you.